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I had a dream….

Had a strange dream about crossing the border to some Eastern European country last night to do some reporting on something. With 2 other guys in a battered Fiat 126, me in the back.

At border control we were stopped by a guard with a gun, then he signaled over a large nun who checked if we had a copy of the bible with us, she wanted to see it to check the 10 commandments were in it. We had a bible written in Spanish under the dashboard, she thumbed through it and let us through.

WTF? Analyze that!

Lovely Canada Day gift!

I love the guy who delivers my post. He’s friendly, goes out of his way to leave packages with neighbours if it won’t go through the letterbox – and he brings me wonderful things.

This morning the bell rang and he had a brown paper package (not tied up with string). Oh the excitement!

Tim_cupIt was a lovely can of Tim Hortons coffee from my talented and gorgeous friend Angela Gasparetto. A true taste of Canada. Now if only had some cheese croissants and chocolate glazed donuts…..