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Help with Self Tape Auditions…

Sept 2018

Hi, I’ve had lots of requests for self tape assistance lately, here’s some of the ways I can help you out….

Feb 2018 Sweetheart Valentine Deal – £50

A quick special offer for you…. Pay by Feb 14, 2018 and you get a showreel (up to 5 mins) edited for £50, with a bonus ‘Teaser Showreel’ (up to 2 mins).

Pay by Feb 14, 2018 and then either send me links to download your videos or pop DVD’s in the post. If your material isn’t suitable for a showreel you will be refunded in full.

Click PayPal BUY NOW or email me for bank information.

My Teaser Showreel…

From £80 for a Showreel

As a professional actor, I appreciate the value of an actors’ Showreel – A video of your career highlights, Great to send to casting people and recommended by the Spotlight Casting Directory.

A showreel is your foot in the door for Film and TV work – and is a great tool for theatre directors and casting people too.

I have the experience and equipment to take your source material from DVD, VHS, online sources like YouTube, etc, and produce a bespoke Showreel.

I can edit the material for use on your Spotlight Profile – note: you must have a Spotlight account – uploading media to their web site is now FREE. You can also upload the video to online hosts like YouTube or Vimeo to feature on your own web site or upload to other casting services.

Examples of my work:

(note – not all clients have public showreels so many are not available on here)

Showreel production from your source material (VHS, DVD, online sources), conversion to digital video, editing, effects & titles = £80.

Once I have completed an edit of your Showreel, I will either e-mail a link to a Private area of YouTube or send you the file so you can view it for your final approval and then update as you require.
Digital file sent for you to Upload to Spotlight – or I can do this for you
Your files kept for future updates to your showreel (to add new film/tv work, etc), prices from £30, depending on what additional editing is required. I can produce a DVD if you want a copy in that format  as well.

All I need is your source material. This can be links to online content ( YouTube or Vimeo, etc), VHS (cued to the clip you want or good notes about time/length of scene) or DVD (with approx time in to your clips), any photos or music you want to use, etc.

If you have recorded to a home DVD recorder, please make sure that the DVD is “finalised” before you send it to ensure it will play on machines other than yours.

If you know upcoming dates you will be on the telly, let me know and I can record straight to digital format and edit straight away, either to add to a showreel or just produce a video clip of that TV appearance.

If you want to shoot new material for your showreel, I have camera and sound equipment and we can shoot whatever you need. Contact me to discuss your requirements and pricing.

I can also assist if you need to self-tape an audition, or need to record an audio demo, just contact me (form below) for details.

Note: I am not in any way associated with Spotlight, but I am a member and would recommend it.

    Showreel Payments – once we’ve discussed a price, you can either transfer money to me via online banking (I’ll provide my details) or pay me using PayPal (below)…

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