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Wishing you all the very best!!!!

And so we wind down to Christmas and the final days of 2016. All the presents are bought and wrapped, the festive food and drink is in… time now to have some fun, feasting and family time.

I finished the year with a most wonderful job, a new drama series for BBC, written by Jimmy McGovern and starring Sean Bean. I play one of his brothers, along with amazing actors Steve Garti and Paul Copley.

newspaper snippet….
Bex and Sean Bean at the wrap party
Me working in Hollywood with Sean Bean…. along with Paul Copley and Steve Garti
Sean Bean with art by my mate Tommy Teabag
Dave McClelland, Steve Garti & Paul Copley

So, that’s something to look forward to in 2017!

Also expect new songs and live gigs by The Yorkshire Teabaggers! And check out the digital download of our EP!

Right, that’s it, let the festivities begin! Have a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you the very best for 2017! Be kind to each other – and to yourself.

Why don’t you give your love for Christmas?

D x

An update for July… Vote Corbyn!

Hi folks! I hope summer is treating you well.

I don’t usually get political on my blog, it’s mostly work and life stuff. But the post-Brexit craziness and Labour Party internal struggles have led me to profess my support for a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Party.

I’ve always been a Labour voter. I delivered leaflets with my Grandfather as a lad. But the honesty and passion displayed by Jeremy Corbyn had me signing up as a £3 supporter last year and becoming a full member shortly after Corbyn won.

At a time when we should be hitting the Tories, the Labour Party has chosen to rip itself apart. All I can say is that I hope Corbyn wins the leadership election and that the PLP will stand behind him. We need a Labour Government. I believe Jeremy Corbyn can deliver that.

In other news… we celebrated Bex’s birthday with a couple of nights away in a Yurt in Herefordshire. It was a glorious break, it was very, VERY, hot and we returned rested and refreshed.

Here are a few pics from the trip, along with a few other interesting images. I’m really enjoying Instagram these days and the image filters offered by the Prisma and Tadaa apps.

Until next time, stay hydrated and enjoy the summer!

Dave x

I AM BARRY PIGEON. Ep 4 out now

Another weekend. And another episode of Barry Pigeon Protects for you.

I had a great time shooting this series. Please take a look. Not long now until the explosive finale of Episode 6!!!!

You can see the whole series of Barry Pigeon Protects here so catch up if you haven’t seen it yet.

And the Barry Pigeon Twitter feed is great too! I wish I could say the funny words came out of my mouth, but it’s all down to the wonderful writers Kurt and Andrew!

Have a great weekend! And a Very Happy Birthday to my amazing son Benjamin! 14 on Sunday. How the years have flown. I love you Son!


Present… Our Xmas Single! Call me Dave Teabag

In my second post of the Yuletide Season, I’ll share what’s happening in the present…..

I have joined up with a local bloke known as Tommy Teabag, changed my name to Dave Teabag, and we’ve done our first video release especially for Christmas.

Hairy Tale of New York(shire) Title Frame

Going under the name of The Yorkshire Teabaggers, we’ve recorded our take on the Christmas classic, Fairytale of New York, but given it a Yorkshire twist and renamed it Hairy Tale of New York(shire).

We’ve had a huge response on our Facebook Page and on YouTube as well… I share it with you now to spread the love from Yorkshire this Christmas.

All filmed locally at The Railway, Wadsley Bridge, Sheffield, just down the road from The Trafalgar Fisheries mentioned in the last post. Jean serves a fine pint, so get down there!

And finally, as a little Christmas gift to you, I’d like to share something I’ve recorded for family and friends, with a special Christmas wish for my children, Benjamin, Sophie and Joseph.

Merry Christmas to all! And to all, a good night!

love, Dave x

Past…. Just call me Mr P Fritter!

Greetings of the season to you all!

My apologies for being a bad blogger of late, I haven’t updated in ages, and now, like buses, three will come at once, so keep your eyes peeled and stick your hand out if you want me to stop. Correct change please!

In the spirit of A Christmas Carol, I will break these down into Past, Present and Future. This, as the title suggests, is a post about the past…

As you will know, I had a brief appearance on Coronation St in October – for those who missed it, here it is again….

That’s me on the telly!

Always nice to have a bit on the telly and funny the reactions you get afterwards.

I have the best Fish & Chips shop in Sheffield just down the road from me, Trafalgar Fisheries….

Trafalgar Fisheries. Tell them Mr P Fritter sent you!!!!

I love the staff in there, all very friendly, and they serve all the fish and chip shop fare – with the exception of Pea Fritters. Pea What??? you ask? Pea Fritters – Mushy peas rolled into a ball, fried in batter….. Bex introduced me to Pea Fritters – as a vegetarian, fish isn’t an option for her. I asked if they had them the first time I went in and I tease them constantly in the hope they will start cooking them.

So, shortly after my Corrie appearance I went in and the lovely woman behind the counter was very excited to have seen me on her telly, she was doing her hair and her mum shouted “The Pea Fritter man is on!!!!”

You can call me Mr P Fritter any time, just don’t call me late for dinner!

Whilst looking at the past, I would also like to share this photo of my Dad, taken as a publicity shot when he was a furniture store manager.

As Christmas comes around again and we miss him being with us, this reminds us all what a lovely handsome chap he was. And a Father I can only aspire to be. He’ll never be forgotten x



Look inside my body….

After 3 weeks with my leg in a cast, I went to the fracture clinic today to check on my progress. They took an x-ray, poked my tender foot and said I needed 3 more weeks in a cast, though I’ve gone down to a smaller ankle to toe cast. My calf feels cold now and my ankle is aching after not being used for 3 weeks.

I had a moment alone in the consultation room to take a picture of the x-ray – here is the offending left foot from 2 angles….

IMG_3463 - Version 2

It’s the long bone on the left that’s broken, the 5th metatarsal.

Life has been slower since the break. I can get around the house ok now, but need two crutches outside and everything takes time. Showering requires a garbage bag and masking tape. Despite the pain, it’s actually quite relaxing to have enforced “Put your feet up” time and I’m trying to make the most of it.

I broke my foot!

In the least spectacular accident EVER, I managed to break the base of my 5th metatarsal falling off my pushbike. I was going really, really slowly between the house wall and the car and I passed the balance point, put my foot down…. but it slid under me and I fell. There was pain. Then there was Bex saying, “Don’t move, let me get a picture.” Here is that picture…


117_0615Here’s the leg now in my bright red cast

I’m getting around quite well really and I have mastered the art of showering with my foot in a bin bag attached with masking tape. Always a treat.

The doctor told me it will be some weeks before I am back to normal, in the meantime I am just taking things very slowly. Which is actually a rather nice change of pace for me.

Thankfully the car is an automatic so I can still drive, I just take my time with the crutches when I am walking. I can’t go too far as yet, but I’m not complaining.


Finally restored all the old Blog Posts

My host service suffered a major server problem back in May and, though I was able to restore most of my site, I lost all my old blogs.

I have finally managed to restore them all and, with the exception of a couple of photos I can’t find now, I have brought my history back to life!

Now I can actually start blogging again!

Farewell Auntie Ruby (Ruby Selby, 1920-2013)

My Great Aunt, Ruby Selby, passed away today, aged 92. She died in hospital after a short illness.

Ruby & Wilf's Wedding

Ruby & Wilf’s Wedding

Ruby was my Gran‘s sister, born Ruby Pearce in Sheffield. Ruby married Wilfred Selby and they had a daughter, Christine, who sadly passed away. Wilf and Ruby were heartbroken and I don’t think Wilf ever really recovered. He passed away and Ruby has been on her own for a number of years, but has been helped by her many friends.

StanPanDadRubyWilfPartyA visit to Auntie Ruby’s always seemed like a visit to royalty to me. Their house seemed stately to a young lad, and even now, the wood panelling in the hallway and stairs reminds me why I thought that.

I remember Christmas and New Years parties, adults talking and drinking whilst my brother and I played under the table. I also remember the walnut dash and leather seats in Wilf’s Rover.

Christine was a solicitor and I always remember her graduating class photo in a frame at the foot of the stairs above the telephone shelf.

 Ruby,Jack,Me,IrisI didn’t see Ruby for the years I was in Canada, though we kept in touch, but a visit to Sheffield in 1998 saw a nice reunion of Aunts & Uncle in a Stannington pub. Here’s Ruby, Jack Pearce and Iris Booth.

Since I returned to the UK, I’ve tried to call in whilst visiting Sheffield and I introduced my children to their Great Great Aunt Ruby. They thought she was really old.

Ruby hasn’t been in good health lately and has been in hospital a few times but she stayed in her home as long as she could.

Ruby was strong-willed and, I’m sure, many would think her a cantankerous old lady, but she was always very kind to me and I think of her fondly.

Bex and I visiting Ruby in hospital, June 2012

Bex and I saw Ruby the Sunday before Christmas and we had a lovely visit to her house. Some of her friends visited whilst were there, we had cups of tea and a nice chat.

When I spoke to her a few days later, she was feeling poorly with bronchitis and had been prescribed antibiotics. She went into hospital with pneumonia on Sunday and, despite treatment, was very frail and having difficulties. When we visited her in hospital on New Years Day she was struggling but knew we were there and gripped my hand. I knew then she hadn’t long left and said my goodbyes.

Ruby & Iris in Sheffield


So now my Gran’s generation of the Pearce family are all gone.

Farewell Auntie Ruby, you’ll be missed xxx

David McClelland, Senior 1927-2010

Christmas and New Year were not happy here, my Dad passed away on Dec 31st.

He was much loved and is much missed every day. He’s left a huge hole in our lives, will never be forgotten.Dad8x10

David (Dave) McClelland

Dave was born April 4th, 1927 in Sheffield. His Mother died when he was young – and in the war years too – so his grandmother and aunts saw to his well being.

When he was 18 he was conscripted to the army, The York and Lancaster Regiment and the London Irish Rifles, serving most of his time in Italy, some of it guarding the British Embassy.

When he was demobbed, he found work in the office of a large steel producer in Sheffield. It was there that he met his future wife June in 1949 and they married in 1952.

They had two sons, David (1958) and John (1962) and lived in the village of Stannington, outside Sheffield. Dave had by then realised he enjoyed a life in Sales, managing furniture shops and travelling for Tri-ang Toys, among others.

In 1987, after 35 years in the same house, the family moved to Canada, to start a new life in Nova Scotia. The change was tough at first but they soon adjusted and made many new friends.

In 2006 June and Dave moved back to the UK and settled in Poulton-le-Fylde. Dave was in poor health over the last two years, but enjoyed visits from carers and district nurses who enabled him to stay at home.

Dave passed away on December 31st after a short stay in hospital. He leaves his widow June, sons David and John, their partners Rebecca and Angela and grandchildren Modena, Benjamin, Sophie and Joseph.