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A tennis ball in my underpants 

Nothing sordid to see here, but I’ve had a tennis ball in my pants for the last couple of weeks. The back of my pants, in case you’re curious. And it’s brought me a lot of comfort. 

I’ve had sciatica for a few weeks now. Painkillers were doing little. Massage and acupuncture brought some relief , but the tennis ball has really helped me do deep massage on my left cheek when the pain is bad. 

Either standing back to a wall and moving around to roll it into painful areas, or rolling it by hand when I need it. I can sit on it and get deep pressure in the sore bits. It’s been a lifesaver. 

So if you see a ball drop from my  jeans, don’t worry, no funny business, just dealing with the pain.

I’m using a plain cheap Poundland tennis ball, not one of the HEAD balls I bought for tennis. That would just be weird 😜

Love & hugs

Dave x

Back pain and new videos… 

Oh the pain friends, oh the pain!

I did some tree pruning in the garden a couple of weeks ago, did something to my back and I’m now in agony with Sciatica.

Visits to the doctor have given me pain relief that’s not really touching it. I’ve not slept properly in days, moving from bed to floor to chair to find a comfortable position. My TENS machine goes everywhere, along with a tennis ball to press into the painful area.

Had some relief Wednesday from The Chinese Doctor. Massage and Acupuncture seems to have helped. I’m back today for more. Wish me well!

The pain has made sitting at the computer for editing difficult. A few minutes at the desk, on the floor for a while to relieve the pain, back for more editing and the cycle continues….

First up in the edit suite was a short doc with my hairdresser, Martin Strong, retiring after 45 years. I started seeing him from age 15 or so, and returned to him when I moved back to Sheffield. A lovely chap and I wish him well for the future.

I went for my final trim last week. Here’s his story…..

Next up is a new video of The Yorkshire Teabaggers in rehearsal. We met Monday and I sat when I needed to, used the mic stand for support whilst standing and managed to get through it. Follow us on Facebook for the latest gigs and videos!
Enjoy it!!!

Hoping to return to full back health very soon!!!!

Take care my lovelies! D x

Still hobbling….

It’s five weeks since I had the cast removed from my broken foot and I’m still getting some pain.

I went to see my GP yesterday and he sent me for an X-ray to make sure the bone had consolidated properly.

It still looks broken to me, but the Dr at the fracture clinic says it’s over 50% mended so it’s fine.

People tell me this is a Wayne Rooney injury, but I don’t see me pulling on an England strip for a while yet!

I broke my foot!

In the least spectacular accident EVER, I managed to break the base of my 5th metatarsal falling off my pushbike. I was going really, really slowly between the house wall and the car and I passed the balance point, put my foot down…. but it slid under me and I fell. There was pain. Then there was Bex saying, “Don’t move, let me get a picture.” Here is that picture…


117_0615Here’s the leg now in my bright red cast

I’m getting around quite well really and I have mastered the art of showering with my foot in a bin bag attached with masking tape. Always a treat.

The doctor told me it will be some weeks before I am back to normal, in the meantime I am just taking things very slowly. Which is actually a rather nice change of pace for me.

Thankfully the car is an automatic so I can still drive, I just take my time with the crutches when I am walking. I can’t go too far as yet, but I’m not complaining.