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I broke my foot!

In the least spectacular accident EVER, I managed to break the base of my 5th metatarsal falling off my pushbike. I was going really, really slowly between the house wall and the car and I passed the balance point, put my foot down…. but it slid under me and I fell. There was pain. Then there was Bex saying, “Don’t move, let me get a picture.” Here is that picture…


117_0615Here’s the leg now in my bright red cast

I’m getting around quite well really and I have mastered the art of showering with my foot in a bin bag attached with masking tape. Always a treat.

The doctor told me it will be some weeks before I am back to normal, in the meantime I am just taking things very slowly. Which is actually a rather nice change of pace for me.

Thankfully the car is an automatic so I can still drive, I just take my time with the crutches when I am walking. I can’t go too far as yet, but I’m not complaining.