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I know, I know, I started going on about this years ago – there were potential release dates touted, but all came to nought. The joys of Indie films….

But now there is a release date – March 7th. It’s available for pre-order available here on Amazon. Not Sure about other availability as yet, but will be in stores somewhere.

UPDATE: I had this on pre-oder with Amazon and then had the email to say it would not be released until January 2017!!!!! I could spit! It is, apparently, available on Pay Per View schedules, look out for it there. 

Here’s a few pics from the shoot….

Zombie-killing Dave!
Lovely Cast & Crew
A Traffic Warden, a Postman and a Milk Man try to save the world…..




Aren’t you Dave McClelland? and a return to Corrie….

I had an odd (for me) experience today…. delivering something to a stranger’s house, miles from home and to no-one I knew.

Knocked at the door and heard a youngster tell someone older to go to the door.

A nice teenage lad opened the door and I told him why I was there, making a delivery… and he said “I think I know you from somewhere…

Okay, so what may he have seen? I start mentally reviewing my career….. Emmerdale, Corrie , an episode of Law & Order: UK that always seems to be on the box… various other telly, some cult sci-fi (Lexx; The Dark Zone). I’ve had a lead in The Zombie King (renamed King Of The Dead for upcoming UK release, 26/10/2015) and nice parts in other films. I’ve done various theatre, but surely nothing recent or local this lad would have seen?

Aren’t you Dave McClelland?” he continues….

Bloody hell! Why yes I am, how did you know that? (expecting something from the above list or that I’d gone to school with his parents)….

Turns out he, his parents and friends watch my YouTube videos! He particularly mentioned the Henderson’s Relish mockumentary I made, What The Heck,” Episode 2 – Henderson’s Relish.

I was amazed and delighted that I was recognised for something that was all my own work…. You shout out in the wilderness and never know who will hear you… Thank you young man, you made my day!

Here’s the video that made me memorable…. to one person at least….

And some more news……

I was also able to tell this bright lad with superb taste that I am off to shoot an episode of Coronation St next week.

I cannot tell you more or I’d have to kill you 🙂 It will air in October.

Until next time dear reader, be kind and smile!


P.S.  I’d also like to add that there is a superb REAL documentary about Henderson’s Relish, aptly named RELISH. Saw it at the Sheffield DocFest, well worth seeing if you have the chance!

Actor Showreels…. from £80

Hi folks! A long time since my last update – I’ve been living through crazy times, (I’ll save the details for my autobiography) but I’m out the other side and loving life.

I’m all set up with the latest technical bells and whistles to create Showreel Magick for you actor types…. Take a look at my Showreel page and get in touch if you need more info, contact form at bottom of this post….

King Of The Dead UK movie release soon…
(known as The Zombie King in some parts of the globe)

Our movie staggers zombie-like, ever closer to a UK DVD release… It’s showing as available on DVD from August 24th on the website.

I’m a zombie-killing milkman. What more could you ask of a film, really? I’d urge you to buy it and revel in my glorious talents….. 🙂

KING of the DEAD

UK Premiere for The Zombie King!!!


Bex and I had a fantastic time at the 25th Festival of Fantastic Films where THE ZOMBIE KING had the UK Premiere.

Met up with fellow actor George McCluskey and producers/actors Jennifer Chippindale and Rebecca-Clare Evans, filmmaker Natalie Kennedy, actor/comedy genius Emma Kenny Kennedy – and a whole bunch of Fantastic Fans, including Stephen and his sister, and bunch of really nice guys, one of whom was an engineer…. he mentioned that quite a lot. I wish I could remember names 🙂

A few pics from the night….L1030794

L1030808 IMG_0825 L1030807 IMG_0879 IMG_0878 IMG_0821

The Zombie King UK Premiere

Great news Zombie fans!!!

The Zombie King has been available in other parts of the world for a while, but it’s now getting a UK premiere at The Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester on November 1st.

I’m hoping to catch up with some of the lovely cast and crew again and there’s going to be Q&A after the screening.

Hope to see you there Zombie lovers!!!!!

Continue reading The Zombie King UK Premiere

On the telly and on DVD

IMG_0932THE ZOMBIE KING is out… In some parts at least. The UK release is very soon but the actual date has not been announced yet – in the meantime Germany gets our zombie goodness first , the DVD went on sale last Friday – and my copy arrived today!

Next up is Japan with a release date of May 31. It’s all very exciting and the feedback has been great so far.



To keep your Dave viewing desires satisfied until the UK release, look out for me on EMMERDALE, Thursday May 2nd! Not a huge role but lots of fun. Here I am with Dominic Power (Cameron).


The Zombie King – great review

I know a lot of you are itching to see The Zombie King, so posting reviews must seem like teasing, but this one was so good for me that I have to share….

Here’s an excerpt –

The initial draw will, of course, be that
film stars two of cinema’s most iconic teen stars; Corey Feldman and Edward Furlong. However, it also features some fantastic new talent in the form of David McClelland and George McCluskey.

Co-writers / Producers Rebecca-Clare Evans and Jennifer Chippindale stated that; ‘There were no questions in our minds during the casting sessions that these two actors (McClelland / McCluskey) were the right choices for the roles this reflected in the fact that their characters really are the central comedy entertainment value in the story.’

This is very true, their characters dominate the screen and their comedic banter is one of the most entertaining things about the movie. The strength of their interaction and puerility of their consistent put-downs makes a refreshing change from the usual ‘What are we going to do?’ style dialogue which is prevalent in zombie films.

Full review below….

Coming up – HOMEFRONT on ITV

Wow, ages since I’ve updated – not because I’ve been doing nothing, I’ve been so busy!

Had a wonderful summer holidays with the kids, we went to the local swimming pool on a regular basis, they loved it, they’re all good swimmers now and it’s doing me good as well, so win-win!

The acting front has been quiet for me. The Olympics seemed to shut everything down for a while. I had a few auditions I didn’t get but I was lucky enough to land a small role in two episodes of HOMEFRONT, a new drama series for ITV. I don’t have definite air-dates yet, but it’s being advertised in the ITV drama ads and should air in October I think. I have a small role in episodes 1 & 4.

I’m also eagerly awaiting the release of THE ZOMBIE KING. I went in to do some ADR a few weeks back and it looks – and sounds – amazing. Fingers are crossed it will open some new doors for me. Zombie King Official Site