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The Zombie King UK Premiere

Great news Zombie fans!!!

The Zombie King has been available in other parts of the world for a while, but it’s now getting a UK premiere at The Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester on November 1st.

I’m hoping to catch up with some of the lovely cast and crew again and there’s going to be Q&A after the screening.

Hope to see you there Zombie lovers!!!!!

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Hello dear reader, I hope summer is treating you well.

I’m hoping for some nice film or tv work this summer but in the meantime I’m making a few shorts myself.

Here’s the first. Bex and I shot this a couple of days ago. Enjoy…. You’ll want to eat crumpets afterwards….

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On Emmerdale this Friday, May 9th

Hi folks! No updates for ages, but things are starting to pick up. I hope.

I have a brief visit to Emmerdale and The Woolpack on Friday playing an Elvis Stripper to entertain the hen party!!!! Don’t worry, you won’t see too much…. Me in a white jumpsuit is quite enough.
Just a short scene but hopefully memorable.

IMG_6466 - Version 2
Radio Times for May 9 2016

This isn’t my first Elvis. Far from it….. Here’s a couple of pics from my Live Bait Theatre days and the wonderful Elvis Presley is Alive and Well and living in Sackville by Charlie Rhindress

ElvisShowPic - Version 2 Elvisimage

How does a chunky chap from Yorkshire keep getting roles in the famous white jumpsuit????


Still hobbling….

It’s five weeks since I had the cast removed from my broken foot and I’m still getting some pain.

I went to see my GP yesterday and he sent me for an X-ray to make sure the bone had consolidated properly.

It still looks broken to me, but the Dr at the fracture clinic says it’s over 50% mended so it’s fine.

People tell me this is a Wayne Rooney injury, but I don’t see me pulling on an England strip for a while yet!

I have my foot back!!!

I had the cast removed from my foot yesterday after 6 weeks of hobbling around.


It’s wonderful to be free of the cast, even though my foot still feels tender. I’ll be walking with a crutch or stick for a while yet I think, though I can walk around the house without. Uneven surfaces outdoors are a problem!

Showering without a bag taped over my leg is wonderful and it was a lovely sock-free sleep – I had to wear a sock on the right foot as the cast had a cheese grater surface that woke me up when my feet rubbed.

Now available for acting work again!!! Please!!!!!