Coming up – HOMEFRONT on ITV

Wow, ages since I’ve updated – not because I’ve been doing nothing, I’ve been so busy!

Had a wonderful summer holidays with the kids, we went to the local swimming pool on a regular basis, they loved it, they’re all good swimmers now and it’s doing me good as well, so win-win!

The acting front has been quiet for me. The Olympics seemed to shut everything down for a while. I had a few auditions I didn’t get but I was lucky enough to land a small role in two episodes of HOMEFRONT, a new drama series for ITV. I don’t have definite air-dates yet, but it’s being advertised in the ITV drama ads and should air in October I think. I have a small role in episodes 1 & 4.

I’m also eagerly awaiting the release of THE ZOMBIE KING. I went in to do some ADR a few weeks back and it looks – and sounds – amazing. Fingers are crossed it will open some new doors for me. Zombie King Official Site


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