A new episode of What The Heck? – the joys of Henderson’s Relish

Well hello kids, hope all is well with you and apologies for the lack of news here…. it’s been pretty quiet…

But that’s good, because it’s given me time to finish the 2nd episode of What The Heck? – my mockumentary series.

Hendo's lover
Click the Hendo’s bottle to see the video!

This episode is all about Henderson’s Relish, a Yorkshire treat from Sheffield, manufactured there for over 100 years. Sheffielders love it, but other folk think it’s just a Lea & Perrins clone…. which annoys the people of Sheffield, who use the nickname Hendo’s for their favourite condiment.

So, I’ve taken a look at the product, the history and some of Hendo’s famous fans – including The Arctic Monkeys, Sean Bean, Jessica Ennis, David Blunkett, The Everly Pregnant Brothers and more.

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