Just a quick update to remind you all – USE YOUR VOTE ON THURSDAY!

This is the most important election in a lifetime.

Under the Tories our NHS, our Police and security services, our schools, and much of our public infrastructure have been run down in preparation to flog them off to private sector Conservative supporters.

The poor, the weak, the disabled, are all being punished whilst the rich take the cream.

The weak and wobbly May claims she can get the best deal under Brexit. A woman who cannot even debate her opponents, with her clown car full of rich liars, Johnson, Rudd, Hammond, etc.

We know where the magic money tree is, it’s offshore – and Labour will harvest it for the good of the people.

Only a vote for Labour can put an end to the misery that many of our people suffer. Only Labour offer Hope for the UK.

Vote for the Many not the Few…. VOTE LABOUR!

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