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Professional actor : TV, Stage and Film [Spotlight CV] 
Agent : CiekaBailey Associates.
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– 2020 – BBC
DESTINATION: DEWSBURY – Movie, released 2019
PANDORA – Movie, released 2020. Playing drug-dealing ex-roadie Del.
GIRLFRIENDS – 2017 – for Kay Mellor, ITV.
STICKY – 2017 – animated sitcom for BBC, starring Tom Hardy.
BROKEN – 2017 – Brother to lead Sean Bean in new Jimmy McGovern series for BBC
IN THE DARK – 2017 – BBC

Leading movie roles as drug-dealing ex-roadie Del in PANDORA (Movie 2019), DESTINATION: DEWSBURY (Movie 2019), and  Zombie-killing Milkman MUNCH in KING OF THE DEAD (previously named The Zombie King).
Good character roles in UK soaps Emmerdale [7 episodes] and Coronation St [4 episodes],  DoctorsIn The Dark (new BBC series for 2017), Law & Order:UK, A Touch of Frost, The Royal Today, Homefront, The Unknown Stuntman (with Paddy McGuinness), Scummy Man (award-winning film based on Artic Monkeys music), and many more film and TV productions.
[Video clips and showreel are below]

Extensive stage credits, both in the UK and Canada, and I’ve worked on radio, both as a journalist with CBC Radio in Canada and an actor in radio drama with CBC and BBC. [Spotlight CV]

Played the title role of Barry Pigeon in the web-series Barry Pigeon Protects.
[Video below, and here’s the YouTube Playlist for whole of Series 1]

Singer/writer with parody music group The Yorkshire Teabaggers along with Mr. Tommy Teabag (John Atherley) and James Leavett. [Videos are below]

I’m also a Filmmaker, Editor and Producer, creating Actor Showreels and Short Films. Check those pages for more information.

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Barry Pigeon Protects


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Hello shipmates!!!

I've had a crazy week, and no time to chase up guests for an edition of Mockdown! this week.

So - I've decided to take a break for a wee while, it may be a week or two, possibly longer.

It's amazing how time-consuming putting the show together became!

I imagine that once the next lockdown/winter flu/Brexit food riots begin, we'll all be in need of my Chat Show again.

So - I will be back! Watch this space...
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3 weeks ago

Rowe David McClelland actor

Catch up on Mockdown! on Sunday night as I chat with my guests about lockdown life - and coping with the new normal.

This week... Film Director Jack Spring and Star Trek Yorkshire's Joshua Note!!

JOSHUA NOTE - Actor, writer, presenter - formed a StarTrek Yorkshire fan group that’s now helping people struggling in the pandemic through the Sick Bay…

JACK SPRING - Film director, former hot-tub salesman and part time international warlord. Made his directional debut aged just 19 with 'Destination: Dewsbury' (I was in it) - we’ll find out what he’s up to now…


Actor, Extra, Model, Influencer, Writer / Director, Other Film & Stage Crew, TV Presenter, Radio Presenter
Joshua Note has written children’s fiction since he was a child, and has finally decided to send his work out into the world with the help of his editor.
He used to work in tech, and still designs apps and new concepts for fun things.
He’s working on a video game design with his colleagues from Australia and The United States.
He also used to interview people across the whole spectrum of the arts on his podcast The Note Show, and has just relaunched it. Which you probably know about, because it’s probably what brought you here.
He is a mental health advocate, and supports Bipolar UK by fundraising and raising awareness of the condition.
He’s deeply interested in Psychology, Music and Games.
Formed Star Trek Yorkshire - an online fan group that is already helping people struggling through pandemic through the Sick Bay.

Film director, former hot-tub salesman and part time international warlord.
Jack is one of the World's most exciting feature emerging film directors. Having made his directional debut aged just 19 with 'Destination: Dewsbury'. After becoming one of WME’s youngest ever directorial signings, Spring is currently working on his second feature film; 'Three Day Millionaire’, which is due to shoot in late 2020. He is also due to shoot his debut two TV projects throughout 2020. Spring is based in London, UK but is regularly floating in foreign bars.
An eccentric director known for his 'big, hyper-real characters' and 'fast paced, all you can eat' style, Spring's work stands out as some of the most amusing in British Cinema.

“Jack Spring represents the next generation of superstar British directors.”
“The humour is crass and the jokes come faster than a pubescent teens first hand job.”

Web www.jackspring.co.uk
Twitter twitter.com/jackspringfilm
Insta www.instagram.com/jackspringfilm

EQUITY BENEVOLENT FUND - www.equity.org.uk/about/benevolent-fund/
EQUITY BENEVOLENT YOUTUBE CHANNEL - www.youtube.com/channel/UC1UolKMqxwXNJ5wGHBCti9g/

My Ko-Fi Link -Ko-fi.com/davemcclelland
PayPal - paypal.me/DaveyMcC
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- September 21, 2020, 11:16 pm

@simonblackwell: 10pm pub closing not good enough. People will just go on to house parties. Need a mandatory 10:45pm National Crisis Bedtime. Teeth done by 10:40, light off 10:44. No you can't have a glass of water you should have thought of that before.
h J R

- September 21, 2020, 12:19 pm

@paul_driff: @10DowningStreet @CMO_England @uksciencechief Where the fuck is Boris Johnson? Name one world leader who wouldn't bother turning up for a press briefing as their nation is hit by a second wave of a deadly pandemic? What will it take for the @Conservatives to throw his inept & cowardly arse out of office? #WhereIsBorisJohnson
h J R

- September 21, 2020, 12:19 pm

@MrGarethOwens: The UK faces up to 49,000 coronavirus cases a day by mid October, SERCO's Test & Trace system is a joke, unemployment levels are about to go through the roof but don't worry: your Prime Minister is right behind you! About 1,056 miles behind you, apparently #WhereIsBorisJohnson https://t.co/UFnu72HJAX
h J R

- September 21, 2020, 12:18 pm

@nufcsean: #WhereIsBorisJohnson and #wheresBoris trend way too much on here. Even scarier is the fact he's always hiding. Disgraceful PM. Worst in my lifetime easily.
h J R

- September 21, 2020, 12:05 pm

@marcuschown: Retweet if Johnson, Gove & Cummings have made you ashamed to be British
h J R



Born and raised in Sheffield, UK, I lived in Canada from 1987-2005. I have 3 children, Benjamin, Sophie and Joseph and I’m happily divorced. After living in the Blackpool area for a while when I returned from Canada, I’m now right chuffed to be back in Sheffield.

I use the name Rowe David McClelland professionally in the UK as another David McClelland joined Equity before me. He’s a lovely chap too.

Rowe you ask? It’s a family name. My Great Grandfather was Rowe Mercer, my Grandfather was Stanley Rowe Mercer. My eldest son is Benjamin David Rowe McClelland.

[Pictures of Dave | Family Pictures ]

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy the blog!


Dave in The Unknown Stuntman


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