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On Emmerdale this Friday, May 9th

Hi folks! No updates for ages, but things are starting to pick up. I hope.

I have a brief visit to Emmerdale and The Woolpack on Friday playing an Elvis Stripper to entertain the hen party!!!! Don’t worry, you won’t see too much…. Me in a white jumpsuit is quite enough.
Just a short scene but hopefully memorable.

IMG_6466 - Version 2
Radio Times for May 9 2016

This isn’t my first Elvis. Far from it….. Here’s a couple of pics from my Live Bait Theatre days and the wonderful Elvis Presley is Alive and Well and living in Sackville by Charlie Rhindress

ElvisShowPic - Version 2 Elvisimage

How does a chunky chap from Yorkshire keep getting roles in the famous white jumpsuit????


On the telly and on DVD

IMG_0932THE ZOMBIE KING is out… In some parts at least. The UK release is very soon but the actual date has not been announced yet – in the meantime Germany gets our zombie goodness first , the DVD went on sale last Friday – and my copy arrived today!

Next up is Japan with a release date of May 31. It’s all very exciting and the feedback has been great so far.



To keep your Dave viewing desires satisfied until the UK release, look out for me on EMMERDALE, Thursday May 2nd! Not a huge role but lots of fun. Here I am with Dominic Power (Cameron).